Here's the problem:

2007-08-06 02:39:35 by liljimmy2

I've been crazy for the same girl for the past year... last winter we had this thing for one night... then the next day she told me she was confused that night and that she doesn't really think of me that way, so we've just been friends all this time. Until just recently we've been hanging out a lot, and this last time we hung out (two days ago) she wanted to come back to my house... so we went there and basically made food and hung out on my couch. Then as a joke I took her shoe and she tried to get it back and we ended up wrestling... I somehow ended up on top of her with our hands locked from me trying to keep the shoe, we made eye contact for a good 10 long seconds and then........ her phone rang. We ended up leaving and hanging out with one of our friends.

You guys seriously don't know how bad I like her, and I can't tell if she's feeding me signals or not so I'm kind of stressed out about it and too much of a pussy to do much about it besides wait and see, and if it's like do I wait and see and maybe miss a chance? Or do I take the chance and fuck up everything? I don't know it's been the main thing on my mind for the past couple days.


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2007-08-06 04:13:51

Don't fuck up a friendship just cause you like someone.

Thats stupid...

There are other girls out there. Having one who can ease the tension and not seem gay about it is a good thing.

It is probably a good thing that you like her more than a friend and she doesn't.
Think of how it will enhance you as a person.

If you liking her never fades away then in the years to come you will still be in contact with her.