Sore throat...

2007-08-18 20:05:30 by liljimmy2

Today is kinda shitty... its one of those on off rainy days where it's just like you can't really do anything because it might downpour on your ass... also i woke up wit a blazingly soar throat... I can barely talk above a whisper, and I'm at my grandmas house so it's completly fucking boring here... the only upside for today is that I got to goto Guitar Center and see my baby... Epiphone Les Paul always cheers me up... oh well, leave some comments and cheer me up? =]]



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2007-09-20 19:30:43

Its "sellin my soul to be in the spotlight hollywise hollywise" srry that wouldve bugged me forever if i didnt correct it.


2007-09-21 01:05:33

hey did you get that girl

liljimmy2 responds:

Nah... she changed alot this year... very self centered... it was easy to quit liking her...

and yeah i know i fucked that lyric up lol ohs wells =P