To keep current...

2009-01-11 03:11:03 by liljimmy2

I'm sitting here, extremely bored...trying to figure out something to do. Then I remembered I hadn't put up a very "important" post I have been putting off for quite some time.
And there is really no good reason I haven't posted it, other than sheer laziness. And I feel I'm cheating you fellow Ngers by not posting this.

Travis' top ten relatively unheard of artists/bands you should listen to before you die:
2.)Elliott Smith
3.)Common Rider
4.)The Mississippi Sheiks
5.)Bright Eyes
7.)Jack Johnson
8.)Tommy Johnson
9.)Robert Johnson
10.)blind willie mctell

All Johnson's have no relation to eachother. I do believe that these are very important and amazing people that you should have a listen to. Feel free to leave comments with bands that I can check out...I always appreciate new music.



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