An update =P

2007-10-06 23:18:37 by liljimmy2

If someone has noticed (which I'm sure no one has) I have not been on in quite a while. The highschool thing gets very hectic sometimes and it's coming down to the bare priorities. Which is basicaly teh pronz, schoolwork, and my social life. Which doesn't leave much leway for the BBS. So I'll probably only be on late weekends... but anyways I'd just thought I'd update in case any of you thought I quit or other silly things like that.

If anyone cares my birthday is coming up soon, Halloween for those of you who care... leave me some beautiful comments for me to feel proud over.



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2008-01-02 03:03:45

happy belated birthday, Travis!


2008-01-02 18:25:22

this is a beutiful comment for you to feel proud over.

look at mah userpage.

liljimmy2 responds:

thank you and i will =]]]


2008-04-25 08:35:30

Crap, I'm too late.


2009-01-03 05:19:52