Family Values

2007-07-24 01:12:29 by liljimmy2


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So I went to family values yesterday... so now for your entertainment I shall give you a review of the bands that played! They will get a rating out of 5 stars.

Flyleaf: Missed em... good ridance.

Droid: A more underground band... they fucking rocked, after the show I met someone from the band and got a sticker which I haven't decided where to put it yet. Intense 3 1/2 stars.

Atreyu: Now I never really liked Atreyu, but I must say i was VERY surprised by their performance. They got the whole place pumped. They did a cover of You Give Love a Bad Name, by Bon Jovi, they nailed it and the crowd pumped. 4 stars.

---------------------------HEADLINERS AND A SURPRISING ENDING-----------------------------

Evanesence- They BOMBED... I hate them on an album, but Amy Lee's Voice was OFF... she couldn't hit a note to save her life and it sucked... ugh, she did a cover of the Doors and killed it.... it brought the crowd down by alot... 1 star

Korn- I never really listened to Korn before today, but the first few songs were INSANE... everyone was on their feet going insane... i loved it.

(now for the personal story):

So me and my brother were sitting there enjoying Korn, and they had just finished playing my favorite song (undone) so I decided it was about time i had to piss. My brother had to also so we both left to go piss. Now mind you we have lawn seats very far from the stage... it was still good but not very exciting, and this is my first big concert. On the way to the bathroom two guys stop us, they say "We have to leave early and we want someone to have a really good time so take these tickets... they're seventh row. Great seats." So we gladly took them. We were litterally 15 feet from the stage and going WILD... It was the best time ever!!!

back to Korn:

The first song we heard up front was Pink Floyd's The Wall!! It was better than the original! The last songs I didn't know but they ROCKED. Me and my bro were sitting there going insaaaaaaane screaming and jumping. 5 stars for Korn.


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