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Hello everyone.

2007-07-19 18:32:05 by liljimmy2

I guess this will be my first "post" on here, In this first edition on myself... I come from a boring, plain town called Alsip, there is absolutley nothing to do. I have a life so unless I'm at my grandmothers house I'm only on from like 12 to 6 in the morning, when I'm not posting at home I dabble in flash... it's nothing too serious I just like to see what I can do, so far I'm pretty bad but oh's well.

I love posting on the BBS, It's fun to talk with other people at all hours in the morning. I want to reach 1000 posts by the end of this month. Which would mean I'd have to get 400 more posts in 12 days... I think it's totally plausible since one of my good days I can hammer out 130 posts. So thats about it... I'll update later.

-Travis (liljimmy)